Raised in a middle class business family in a small town of India, I graduated with a degree in Information Technology and had my first job in IBM in the field of telecommunication. I liked working in the IT industry but always felt that something was missing. To have a satisfying and contended life, one must pursue their true passion and being creative and passionate about fashion, I always wondered if I should pursue a career in this field. Being the creative person I am, I wanted to give full expression to my creativity and skills which was not possible through an IT job. Opening a fashion boutique had been in my mind for years until one day when I finally chose fashion boutique over my well paid job.

It is usually said that behind every successful Man, there is a woman. In my case; a woman, man and a tribe of people are responsible. My business roots come from my family. My mother who is a self-made business women, has been my inspiration through out my life. She instilled in me a love of art and fashion from early on. I have seen her perseverance in running my father's business after he passed away. Her teachings and life lessons have shaped me for who I am today and gave me courage to pursue what interests me the most. My Husband has been a true pillar in supporting my vision. He helped me to always be very clear about my strengths and weaknesses and how to manage the various processes of running the business. The temptation is to juggle as many hats as possible in the beginning, but it is important that someone keeps a tab on the support that is required across process. My husband helped me manage all that and much more. I soon launched my Facebook page to test a few designs. The amount of love, appreciation and support that poured in from people all across the world in no time, was reason enough to fuel my passion and motivate me to take this up with all my heart and soul. Being a mompreneur comes with its own unique set of challenges. “The biggest challenge is to constantly keep reminding myself that when at work I’m not letting the mother influence the entrepreneur, and vice versa when at home.” However, my 2 daughters have been a real motivation for me to understand a women’s mind better. They encourage me to do better with every passing day.

I launched BHOLI in 2018 (innocence in you) to bring uniqueness, elegance and style in fashion. I was able to find an affinity for simple, minimalistic, nostalgic sarees that reminded me of decades worth Indian heritage and culture, which were very rare to find in the market, was loved by people. What followed next was a quick pivot where I went on a hunt for the right fabric and skilled weavers across the nooks and crannies of rural India. There has been no turning back since then.BHOLI's designs resonate with customers because of its uniqueness and quality.